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On The Road Back To Woodstock

It was an incredible day on the road back to Woodstock as we picked up the trail Bob, Trudi and the rest followed from Baltimore up to Woodstock 50 years ago.

Yesterday in Baltimore we had a reunion of sorts at the American Visionary Art Museum with the Light Band, folks from the Savitria Commune, and Dr. Bob's family and fans. Bob and Trudi sang some songs and we were on our way with a great send off from the incredible folks at Curiosity Stream, who are airing THE WOODSTOCK BUS documentary starting this week. We are richly bless to have support from them, Volkswagen of America, the Jimi Hendrix Estate and many of amazing folks.

I don't care what Donald Trump says, there's no farms and countryside anywhere prettier and sweeter than Baltimore County.

The Skinners are here, Fallon and Meredith, and amazingly two Light Bus fans who brought their own buses to convoy (bus people say 'treffin') with us up to Woodstock - Tom Summers came from San Diego and Cory came from Michigan. Word is we're going to meet more buses up at Woodstock.

Bob Grimm told us they originally headed down to the sea along the Jersey Shore, maybe Ashbury Park. Once we all got on the road we headed up through the great Pennsylvania forests through Gettysberg, Hershey, Lebanon, Allentown, Reading, Shenandoah, Scranton and out across the river into Upstate New York by dark. It's all just beautiful country. It doesn't make sense up here that we only have one word for 'green' because there's about a thousand different colours and kinds of green in these beautiful woods.

All along the way we met, or really the bus met the most interesting people - from a good old boy with a flat who 'saw us on the internet', to a couple promoting an "Elvis Presley Jr. Lovechild concert.

We're staying at a perfect icon of a 1950's upstate summer resort and from the time we pulled in families were gathering around for photos and stories.

It's going to be great to explore the Woodstock area and then head up to Yasger's Farm Thursday to join the fun and celebration of the Woodstock Jubilee.

For all our friends in Canada - follow along! You'll be able to see the show on Discovery Canada August 15th.

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