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Words of Wisdom from Woodstock

Throughout the Woodstock Bus Project when Dr. Bob needed to distill all the art and symbols and volumes of creative effort down to one thing he would say, WE. ARE. ONE. PEOPLE.

Today, as we near the Woodstock 50th anniversary and the launch of the Documentary, the world around us is exploding in hate, fear, and division. Leaders of all stripes are fighting for power by slicing and dicing us into this group or that, this interest, that identity.

Even the Woodstock anniversary itself has been cause of division, cynicism, greed and power struggles.

With the bus project we've learned something about the idea of Woodstock, the ideal.

Today we call the hippies and flower children of the Woodstock era Grandma and Grandpa.

But even as they grow old and leave us, the ideas they shared will never grow old.

Among the tie dye, flowers, and jangling guitars, the starry ideas of peace, love, and understanding will shine in the darkness even when we ourselves are dust.

In an interview LIGHT singer Trudi Morgal spoke to us about the meaning of Woodstock after having 50 years to reflect on the experience.

It's only about another month until the story is available on CURIOSITY STREAM.

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