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The Most Important Shit about Woodstock

On the road back to Woodstock we've met some colourful characters with amazing stories to tell.

A week before the original Woodstock Dale Bell and his friends had an amazing idea. They thought of making a documentary of the event. By themselves. With no budget. Dale was Associate Producer working with Producer Bob Maurice, Director Michael Wadleigh and a team of over 40 friends who thought this was an awesome idea.

It won an Academy Award, changed doc film making forever, and when people say they 'remember' Woodstock what they likely mean is that they saw this genre-changing movie in the theatre.

50 years later I met Dale Bell in Santa Monica and he reflected on the idea, the technology, the people, and the most important moments of Woodstock from the perspective of a person who was there stone cold straight and sober with the sole purpose of documenting what was going on.

In this interview he talks about filming the fornicators and plumbing the emotional depth of the port-a-potty manager.

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