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New Year, More Light

Happy New Year.

The Light Bus is in Florida with Fallon and the folks at East Coast VW Restoration. Soon she'll have the windows and interior in and the bus will head out to LA.

Later in January the bus will be doing a pro photo shoot with Volkswagen of America and then we'll be getting ready for the bus's first public appearance - at the OCTO show in Mid February. We'll be working with Skinner Classics in California to get the bus in show shape.

The details of the tour after that will be announced in February. We're still looking for marketing partnerships and support. That will determine if it's a major tour, or just us riding in the bus. We'll be starting the long road back to Woodstock for the 50th Jubilee. The exciting news this week is that the first of the Woodstock anniversary events planned for August 2019 was announced by the Bethel Centre which operates the original concert site. There's going to be quite a few events, celebrations and parties and we plan to attend as many as possible.

It's been over two years since we began this project and I still feel like we're just getting up to the start line. I believe the most interesting and important part of the project will be getting the bus out on the road and showing it to as many people as we can all over America, sharing stories, new adventures, and encouraging a rising generation to fill their lives with creativity, art, music, travel, and great people.

The documentary series will begin editing next week. There a lot of stories to sort through for the first episodes. It's going to be awesome and beautiful. Curiosity Stream US and Autentic Distribution have been hugely supportive partners in the production. Bob Grimm has shared some fantastic music from the band LIGHT with us for the sound track - can't get more authentic than that - and we'll be collecting lots more unique music for the show.

We've had some nice media in the Florida papers while the bus has been down there and we met some amazing people. It's a thrill to get to share this story.

The picture above is a sneak peak at the big gifts for the folks who contributed big time to the restoration Kickstarter. These are original paintings (in progress) that combine many of the most interesting symbols from the LIGHT BUS.

You'll be hearing a lot more from us as we start making appearances with the bus and get out on the road to Woodstock.

We love to hear from you. If you know of any celebrations, festivals, events, or happenings that we really should attend this summer let us know. And please share with us your Woodstock stories, your VW bus stories, and your big plans for art, music and adventure.


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