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With a Little Help from our Friends

It's happening ! In August we found a perfectly matching Light Bus. The great family of folks at Skinner Classics in California did the mechanical and body restoration in record time. Primed for painting, then Henry Hartounian at Coastal Transport raced the newborn bus across America to get it to Dr. Bob and his amazing "Light Brigade" of painters. The painting, and the magic, that happened in Henry Jenkins' big barn in Baltimore was all captured on film for our documentary about the recreation of the Light Bus and by early November (S)he was ready to be reassembled and completed. Fallon and Meredith from Eastcoast VW Restoration made an EPIC run up the coast and treated all the drivers on I95 to a sneak speak at the Light as she came to Florida. What a journey. And we haven't even got started yet. Fallon and her crew are finishing the interior restoration and getting the bus show ready before it heads back out to California for the winter. Her first moment in the sun will be a big photo shoot with the folks at Volkswagen US, then a coming out party at the OCTO show in February. Then, finally, we'll be ready to start the long road back to Woodstock for the 50th anniversary Jubilee.

NONE of this would have been possible without many friends along the way.

Here is our love note to you.

The Mechanics and More

The Skinners

The magic of Social Media brought Robert Skinner of Skinner Classics into our lives. We spoke through Instagram and then on the phone, getting to know and like each other. Robert generously offered whatever services he could to help with this huge undertaking. Little did we know how far these amazing people would go to help us bring LIGHT to life.

When we realized we had the WRONG bus, the Skinners helped us find another in California. Not only that, they went to see it AND brought it back to their shop for us. Talk about going above and beyond! Before heading to Baltimore to be painted, our Light needed a bit of help. Thank you Skinner Classics for the work you did to get our Bus road worthy and headed to Baltimore!

The Light Brigade

You can just IMAGINE the excitement when the bus got into Dr Bob's hands and those of his curated group of gathered artists. Each of these group members has their own history with Dr. Bob, but now they are bonded forever in bringing Light to life. It all began weeks prior to Light arriving, clearing their minds and hearts to approach this work with clear intent. Just look at their glee as Light drove up to their rented gorgeous historic barn to be reborn. With the cosmos in mind they got down to work. This was a huge undertaking and they created diligently from late August to late October, completing their painting October 24th, 2018.

Thank you Dr Bob Hieronimus and

Thank you Justin Williams, Lindsey Zuskin, Jess Rassp, Rodger Roundy and Lily Bleser.

We're saving the painting process for our documentary, but here is the finished product! Just look at our Light!

Safety First

To protect this gorgeous paint job, Light was handed over to JC Customs Collision for clear coating.

Thank you guys!

Rollin' on to Florida

Our Maryland crowd then bid Light adieu for the next leg of her journey. Off to Florida she goes to meet up with one of her biggest fans - Fallon from East Coast VW Restorations for interior work and to polish up the exterior details.

Here's a moving tribute from the Light Brigade to say "See you later"

*I am a phoenix and my purpose is to restore light to the world*

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