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On Virgos, Vision and VW's

September 7, 2016 was a nice quiet birthday after a couple uncertain years of challenge and change. The lights kind of turned to highbeam on the future highway. Things brightened up. Anything seemed possible.

Dot had just been born and that week Amanda and I bought an old VW camper that got me thinking a lot about love, family, and VW vans.

The next morning, September 8th, 2016 I got a note from Dr. Robert Hieronimus wishing me happy birthday from a fellow Virgo (as SO many of my friends are). In that exchange was the first couple lines about the Woodstock 50th and the idea of restoring the Light Bus that Bob had told me about years before. A far fetched dream that could hardly even qualify as a hope.

But together we faced this undeveloped situation, gathering together our resources, and deciding together on a course of action. This is the effort that's always at the very heart of the creative process. We decided on an idea that would mix art and the art of storytelling. and we hoped people would be interested.

They are.

Next week it will be almost two years to the day later, and a lot of talk, planning, and work, that Dr. Bob will be putting his hand to the first strokes of paint on the restored Light Bus. I can't wait to be there to see that stroke of paint bring us to, not the end, but the every beginning of an epic journey over the course of the next year taking the long way round America and back to Woodstock.

Magic, like love and music, is where you find it I suppose, and where you make it.

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