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Look at these new clues in the case of the Mysterious Missing Bus

We're looking for a bus... a very specific bus.

As we work to recreate and repaint Dr. Bob's "Light Bus" artwork we've learned the hard way that all Volkswagen buses are not the same. Even over a couple model years there were significant changes. We're working to be as true as possible to the original artwork.

And then there's colour.

We were thrilled today when Dr. Bob's friend came up with these two never before published photos of the bus in its early phases of painting.

Laura wrote, "I uncovered these while looking for something else today…Notice the second one I believe shows a Vermont license plate. That must have been at the very beginning when Grimm and Hieronimus remember starting it in the woods of Vermont, and all the white spaces still there."

The Vermont angle adds to the backstory of this historic bus and I'm most excited about seeing something of the original bus colours through the early forms of the work.

It appears that the bus's original colour scheme we a blue and white two tone, possibly what's known as a turkis blue and white, which was a classic VW bus factory colour scheme, though it seems a little darker in the photo.

These newly revealed pictures are important additions to the story of how the bus art was originally conceived and executed apparently over the original paint which became, in effect, a classical underpainting or priming.

This is one of the elements we are working to match.

Also remember this is the last week for our Restoration Project Kickstarter and, though the bus is slow, we're getting there. Please pick your perk and commit before Friday.

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