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The Woodstock LIGHT Bus was deliberately created by a trained occultist to be a true magical talisman.  A talisman is defined as an object that stores and radiates a magical energy specifically to create change. The VW LIGHT bus became a symbol of Woodstock, which in turn symbolized the counter-culture movement of the 1960s and 70s and the optimism that this peaceful gathering generated for the dawning of the Aquarian Age. When the Hippies morphed into Yuppies and greed defined the following generations, the LIGHT was dimmed, but did not die. The resurrection of the Woodstock LIGHT Bus in 2018 is intended to once again inspire all Earth People to see themselves as ONE: One People On One Planet.


A complex, interlocking series of overlaid symbols, the Woodstock LIGHT Bus can be compared to a tesseract in the Fourth Dimension.  It is almost impossible to separate the symbol of the VW bus as a historic vehicle, within a symbol of the Woodstock rock festival, within a symbol of 60’s art styles, within a symbol of the artist himself channeling the higher messages, within the painted symbols on the bus.  The 1968 version invited viewers to turn inward to find out who they are and why they are here and how they can contribute to the whole.  The 2018 version will invite viewers to learn that compassion and cooperation are more powerful in the end, and more effective than domination and control at creating sustainable change.


America has lost its compass.  A corporate oligarchy has assumed near-complete suppression of the enlightened representative democracy designed by our ancestors. While there are many factors to explain on a material level how we got here, from an occultist’s perspective, one solution is to focus on the power of symbols to create change on an subconscious level.


Join our adventure to “find the LIGHT” and recreate this rolling symbol of harmonic cooperation -- because as we’ll find in the end, the journey itself is the purpose of the search.

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