August 16, 2019

"There's something happening here,

What it is ain't exactly clear..."

Stephen Stills and The Buffalo Springfield

For What It's Worth 1966


This week end is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.

A Jubilee.

For the past two years I’ve been traveling back to Woodstock in THE LI...

August 14, 2019

We all have imagination.

Every one of us has a picture in our mind of what the future will be like. We can all imagine ourselves, our family, and our community, in the future.

What you see is what you move toward.

It’s like a magnet.

So how do we picture the shape of thing...

July 15, 2019

Throughout the Woodstock Bus Project when Dr. Bob needed to distill all the art and symbols and volumes of creative effort down to one thing he would say, WE. ARE. ONE. PEOPLE.

Today, as we near the Woodstock 50th anniversary and the launch of the Documentary, the worl...

July 13, 2019

Painting creatively is one thing. Recreating creative work is often even more difficult.

Dr. Bob and his 'Light Brigade" of artists were presented with the huge problem of accurately recreating the now lost images of the original bus from a few photos and drawings. When...

The Woodstock Bus Project has taken us down some amazing roads and introduced us to the most incredible people.

We talked to Guitar Star Christine Campbell about the enduring inspiration of Janis Joplin, Woodstock, the Rock and Roll life, and Volkswagen buses.


February 25, 2019

Here's a first peek into the edit suite on the Woodstock Light Bus Project.

It's been two years since we first pitched the idea of a WOODSTOCK LIGHT BUS project to broadcasters at REALSCREEN. Curiosity Stream, Discovery Canada and Autentic Germany all came in to support...

August 29, 2018

September 7, 2016 was a nice quiet birthday after a couple uncertain years of challenge and change. The lights kind of turned to highbeam on the future highway. Things brightened up. Anything seemed possible.

Dot had just been born and that week Amanda and I bought an o...

June 17, 2018

The Kickstarter campaign was successful. We raised the money required to buy, restore, and repaint... to recreate... Dr. Bob's Woodstock Light Bus. It's going to be a great project.

What a wonderful experience. 

These Kickstarter things, like starting up anything new, su...